We are a professional non-governmental organization that promotes and supports socio-emotional education within an institutional framework, in order to provide the scientific support necessary to develop adaptability and capacity to relate for building and maintaining a harmonious and healthy family and socio-professional climate.

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We promote the holistic approach of socio-emotional education by capitalizing professional experience of specialists in the socio-human field and related sciences and organizing training courses, round tables, national and international conferences.

We carry out projects and activities of psychosocial support that back up public authorities with responsibilities in the field of Emergency Situations, public health and social security.

We organize projects and activities for the prevention and control of different forms of stress affecting the military veterans and their families, the medical staff, the staff in public defense institutions, public order and national security.

We support the promotion of socio-emotional education at workplace by organizing professional courses of stress management in order to improve working relationships, maintain well-being and increase quality of life.

In order to improve the communication capacity, to adapt efficiently to external socio-cultural and professional environments, we organize foreign language courses and Romanian language courses for foreign students and persons resident in Romania.

The proposed objectives will be achieved in collaboration (partnership) with educational and research institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations in Romania and abroad.